As a professional woman who wants to look good and still sexy, when I shop I crave quality, a wide selection, reasonable prices and wonderful service. Fabulous Rag delivers all this and more. The store constantly changes its inventory and the staff is amazing. They get to know you and help you find what you need to look your best for any occasion. Shopping there is always fun and successful.
— Fab Customer Aubrey J. (Yelp)
LOOOVE the fabulous rag! i cant stress what a gem this store is!
the clothing is unique, beautiful, and very reasonably priced. The people who work here are so helpful, in fact I have tried on a few things i never would have if it wasn’t for their suggestions and have walked out the door with them. You will always be able to find something amazing here! love it.
— Fab Customer Collins E. (Yelp)

Meet The Fab Rag Team!

"If you're smart, you shop boutique", quoted by the Fab Rag Owner herself, Iris Loebenstein and she couldn't say it any better! Shopping in our boutique you get that special guest service that many stores at the mall lack. From our unique merchandise to our sophisticated and classy decor is what makes the Fab Rag an amazing boutique! The Fab Rag team is knowledgeable in their fabrics, latest fashion trends, fits, quality and so much more. They are all here to better serve each and every customer that stops by physically or virtually! People loves us just check out our yelp reviews! Like us on Facebook, Follow us On Instagram, and Sign up for our E-mail list, each one carries their own specialties, exclusives, and perks. Don't miss out on any of them! We hope that you find what you're looking for and if not just contact us we are always here to help!